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PGA Show in Review…

Golf Golf Golf !!!! Where do I begin?! Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the PGA Merchandising show! This is the “Major” of Golf Business.  A golfer’s dream and a golf professional’s must attend.


Being new to the golf world and the industry, this experience was an absolute reminder of why I started on this journey.  The energy and the environment from day one was electrifying!

To give you an idea of just how massive this event is, check out the guide they give you when you walk in the door for the indoor convention…


Day 1

Demo day at Orange County National Golf course, which host a number of qualifying rounds for various tours, was filled with products and vendors from all over.  Demo day is a great place to put your hands on the latest and greatest products with an outdoor experience.  From clubs, equipment, shoes and even Golf Surfboards, you name it, it was there.

The course itself is a wonderful course, which I played back in May but not this trip, but if your in the area please grab a tee time, You won’t be disappointed!


📷 📷 📷

Day 2-4 (Wednesday to Friday)

The rest of the conference was hosted in the Orlando Convention Center which was wall to wall golf everything! Seminars, meetings, equipment, clothing…you name it, it was there. Every booth was filled with buyers, sellers, and those interested in the growth of the game we love so much…. GOLF!

📷 📷

This week I will highlight some of the people, products, and offerings I encountered last week and give you a taste what the world of golf has in store, so stay tuned and join me on my #Road2PAr !

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