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Dear short game… You are missed.

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So far I’ve played roughly around 6 rounds since the start of 2016. During those rounds, one thing has been abundantly apparent, my short game(what little I had) has disappeared. 

Yesterday I played a course in Longs, SC called  Colonial Charters GC formally Palmetto Greens.  I shot a 95 (ESC 94) from 5400 yards. 

While some would say for playing not even two years that’s good, not for me, but in every round there are positives and building blocks. 

During the past couple of rounds, I have more than a few times drove the green to the point it should be a chip and putt for birdie but I’m not dealing the deal. 

Practicing and feedback are on the schedule this month! 

To date my handicap is a 24 and declining !!

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